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The Standard Commercial Estimator 2040 contains all of the following products in order to provide you with a complete solution.

Standard Commercial Estimator 2040

Designed for commercial layouts, it prints out a graphic layout of the floor with all seams showing. It can estimate carpet, sheet goods, tile, ceramic and hardwood. It allows you to estimate with multiple materials for one project. With a mouse you can easily use the on-screen directions to quickly perform complex estimation tasks.


PDF Template Take-off

With this feature, you can use a PDF (or any common image file) as a backdrop for your drawings. This allows for quick and easy estimation and take-off of any and all specifications. After using this feature, your drawing is sent to estimation so that you can effortlessly find yardage and glue rates for carpet, tile, vinyl, and more!

Proposal / Sample Program

This program will generate a professional proposal for you to send an estimate of your costs to the customer. It can also generate an invoice to be printed out for the customer. It stores all invoices and proposals in a database for your records. The data is QuickBook compatible.

Work Order Form Program

This program helps spell out exactly what conditions exist on the job site. Giving the installer information that he desperately needs to complete the assigned job.

Quick Key Estimator 2040 Program

Quick Key 2040 is a estimating program which allows you to enter lengths and widths to calculate yardage and wall base without having to draw a floor plan. Quick Key is used mainly for quick and easy estimating.

Quick Bid 2040 Program

In conjunction with the digitizer pad, this program can give you the yardage figures needed to generate a proposal for your customer. This is very exact and allows the estimator to quote more jobs in a shorter period of time.

Roll Manager Program

It’s is the job of Roll Manager to take all the cuts associated with the style of carpet and assign them to the rolls. The estimator inputs roll sizes into the program and the transferring of the cuts to the rolls is automatic.

Roll-Up Calulator Big
Roll-up Calculator Roll-Up Calculator 2
Digitizer Size : 30" X 36"


Roll-Up III by GTCO  (compatiable with Roll-Up II)

Roll-Up III by GTCO CalComp

The Roll-Up III is engineered with GTCO CalComp's exclusive patented Redundant Grid Technology, which substantially improves the durability and ruggedness of this digitizer, making it the only choice for true portable use.

Native USB connectivity allows power to be supplied via the USB port. Installation is quick and easy. Wintab applications use the Roll-Up III's Plug and Play feature, and non-Wintab applications use the exclusive one-step SuperSet menu

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    • Laser Printer
    • Windows 95 or above
    • Display Adapter that supports resolution of 800x600 or higher